Who are we?

H2X is a new company, established in November 2019, responding to the need to look to new applications for technical expertise in the oil and gas industry. We are targeting the emerging hydrogen market. 

We are a leader in New Zealands transition to a low-emissions energy future and believe that energy solution that we’re developing can be part of the innovation required for this.

We’re committed to identifying opportunities and technology with change-making potential and collaborating with the right expertise, infrastructure and capital to develop, test and integrate low-emissions energy solutions.

Our Vision

Everyone has access to affordable, renewable, and clean energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to decarbonise the economy while keeping energy costs low for consumers and creating new jobs in renewable energy.

Our Values


We are collaborative in our solutions, pathways, technology, skills, and innovations. We work together for better energy solutions.


Our solutions are agile, bespoke, innovative, and are backed by a highly trained, skilled, and diverse workforce


We offer diverse, adaptable solutions and offer both standard and custom options to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Partners

We believe in the power of partnerships to drive innovation and growth. We are proud to work with some of the most respected companies in the industry, who are helping us to achieve our vision – for everyone to have access to affordable, renewable, and clean energy.

Meet the Team

Chris Watson

Director/Business Manager

I believe that the future is in Hydrogen with the transition from fossil fuels. Through our connection to TIS Ltd we have a team of 40 staff, we need to be on this Journey now so that our workforce has a future in this province. We specialise in Hazardous areas and all staff have transferrable skills that work in the Hydrogen space. I am excited for the future.

Thomas Wiseman

Director/Operations Manager

I have a passion for technology and solutions with climate change rapidly occurring it is a problem requiring a solution. Hydrogen is a great challenge that I believe has the potential to solve the energy side of this issue. I have a background in hazardous area electrical installations, and instrumentation & control which are the skills required for a looming hydrogen future.

Angus Wood

Director/Technical Manager

With changing times and a need for a fresh look at our energy future I can see hydrogen being a good fit for the storage of renewable energy sources. With New Zealand’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 the time is upon us to change our direction.

Maxine Wood


We are very keen to be a part of New Zealand’s transition to a low emissions energy future and believe that the bespoke energy supply solution that H2X is developing can be part of the innovation required for this.