Hydrogen for a low carbon energy source

Why hydrogen

Hydrogen is a key piece in the puzzle of our world’s energy solutions. 

When used as a fuel, hydrogen only produces water vapor and heat as by-products. 

This makes it one of the cleanest energy sources available with tremendous environmental benefits, helping to reduce our carbon emissions and pollution levels.

It can be transported and stored without the need for bulky storage tanks or special containers – making it ideal for industrial use as well as transportation.

Hydrogen’s storage capacity can also support the electricity grid, providing demand control during peak times, and enabling more efficient use of our electrical infrastructure. 

Types of hydrogen

Our friends at Enapter have created some useful comparison examples for hydrogen storage vs batteries and diesel. 

AEM electrolysis

Electrolysers use electricity to split water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) through an electrochemical reaction.

An AEM electrolyser builds on advantages from traditional alkaline electrolysers, but avoids its weaknesses:

  1. AEM electrolysis works in a highly diluted alkaline environment and is therefore much safer to handle.

  2. The AEM electrolyser can use similarly cost-efficient materials while making much purer hydrogen at higher efficiency.

  3. The AEM electrolyser is fully scalable and is ideal for linking up with variable renewable energy sources


The energy trilemma

The energy trilemma is a concept that addresses the need to balance the three interconnected dimensions of sustainability, equity, and security in the production and consumption of energy. The trilemma suggests that a successful energy policy must be capable of reconciling these three distinct but intertwined elements, making sure each one is optimized while being mindful of their interconnections.

Sustainability means meeting current energy needs while mitigating and avoiding environmental degradation and climate change impacts.

Equity calls for equitable access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy resources for all. 

Security requires reliable and resilient energy infrastructure that can meet current and future energy demands as well as withstand and respond to system shocks.

The global challenge of creating an efficient energy system that is sustainable, equitable, and secure cannot be overstated. Climate change due to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels is threatening our planet’s future; moreover, lack of access to affordable energy disproportionately impacts disadvantaged populations around the world. As such, striking this delicate balance between all three elements has become an increasingly important priority.

How we help resolve the energy trilemma

We're sustainable

Green hydrogen produces no harmful emissions and is one of the cleanest energy sources we currently have. 


We create supply security

Our hydrogen solutions ensure the electricity system is ready to meet future energy needs. 

We provide equitable access

We work with all sizes of energy systems and storage without large changes needing to be made to customers current operations/systems – maximising their capital.