Our ideal future looks like...

With new mandates, net carbon zero goals and more changes on the horizon for energy and gas generation, use, and supply in NZ, the future is looking better and better for the environment. There will however be some changes.

Our Hydrogen solutions will give gas users the opportunity to continue using gas with confidence it will be 100% green in the future.

Our commercial Hydrogen technology and systems will also help power a new era of low emissions energy solutions for the country. 

Our aspiration for the future is for us to hold true to our word – we’ve continued searching for new ways to use Hydrogen, we’re leading the NZ industry, we’re helping shape a better future. Our ideal would be to help New Zealand to operate at net Zero Carbon Emissions and inspire other countries to follow our lead.

What we’re doing

We’re identifying opportunities and technology with change-making potential and collaborating with the right expertise, infrastructure and capital to develop, test and commercialise low-emissions energy solutions.

New Zealand needs mass-market, clean energy solutions for transport, industry, energy storage, heat and power – so we are building the systems we need to make that happen. We’re establishing the right people that need to be involved to produce, transport and use sustainable hydrogen energy at scale.

We create sustainable energy solutions to meet our clients needs – whether the energy systems and storage is big or small, we can lower emissions without changing output. We can even integrate Hydrogen technology into your current systems generating at low costs, that is scalable, flexible, and can increase as your demand grows. 

How we’re doing it

There are many areas we focus on to transition more people to low emission energy solutions – for us, it all starts with our team of seasoned experts. With a sophisticated and proven knowledge base, we have a deep well of credibility from which to draw from. 

We also partner with other subject matter experts, problems solvers, leaders in the field – we’re collaborative and inclusive. It’s everyone’s best interest to create solutions that help the energy ecosystem.

Another focus is our customer-centric approach, we cater the way we work and our solutions in a way that fits the customer – whether your energy systems and/or storage is large or small.

Our solutions won’t require large changes to to customers current operations/systems – maximising their capital. We keep ourselves agile, accessible, and pride ourselves on the diverse solutions we can put together. We empower and support likeminded people that are keen on a low emission energy future. 

How we help The Energy Trilemma

We're sustainable

Green Hydrogen produces no harmful emissions and is one of the cleanest energy sources we currently have. by increasing access to a low-emissions fuel source (Hydrogen), NZ will have less reliance on harmful fossil fuels and we can slowly decrease it’s market share.

We create supply security

Our Hydrogen solutions ensure the electricity system is ready to meet future energy needs. Hydrogen can be stored and therefore used as a reliable source of supply in the face of global shocks and the volatile global fuel markets. With new mandates and climate changes forcing a positive new direction in the energy sector – Hydrogen is safe, clean, and affordable energy source. 

We provide equitable access

We provide our Hydrogen generation systems and storage at as low cost as practical. We’ll work with all sizes of energy systems and storage without large changes needing to be made to customers current operations/systems – maximising their capital. 

Our Energy Timeline

H2X is Foundered
H2X is foundered by the current owners of TIS, leading technology experts in the oil and gas industry. A highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce is established with proven on ground experience in a similar field.
Building Partners
Created relationship with Enapter, who provide AEM Electrolysers as part of a shared vision for a more sustainable future with hydrogen.
Transport Ready
Hydrogen transport options are readily available across the word for commercial and everyday users.
Thermal Solutions
Hydrogen for power support can be provided on a case by case basis.
Construction of Product
We have a hydrogen product ready for commercial and industrial applications.

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What’s your first steps?

We’re looking for innovators and early adopters keen to get in early on the next sustainable swing. Are you the kind of person/business that wants to transition to a low emission energy source? Want to transition but don’t know where to start?
We’re always looking for new opportunities! Please get in touch with one of our project managers about beginning the proposal process if you’re interested.

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